Caracas is a lot of things. Caracas is, primarily, a chaotic African metropolis. It is Lagos, Bamako, Conakry and Mogadishu with their tropical crime, their endless slums and their governments of prostitutes. Caracas is also a Latin American city of the eighties, not only because it is conformed by pharaonic ruins from that period and before – from the glorious times (which also makes her being Rome in the year 400) – but because it is drowned in crime, violence, misery, third-worldism and Bye, bye middle class! (Brazilification). It is Medellin in the days of Pablo Escobar and Bogota in the FARC’s best times. Caracas is also Beirut in the Lebanese civil war, divided between East and West. It is Teheran and Cairo, cities once bathed in opulence but now turned into dust. Caracas is like New York; it will go from social scum to lighthouse in the world. Caracas is Heaven’s Branch on Earth. Caracas is Hell’s Branch on Earth. Caracas is Brazil. Caracas is Puerto Rico. Caracas is Dubai. Caracas is Mumbai. Caracas are many. Caracas are few. Caracas is one. Caracas are all.

            Caracas is Caracas. 

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