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Finis Patriae - End of the Homeland

Finis Patriae - End of the Homeland

Frankly, I have almost no desire to write about Venezuela because it hurts to talk about a country - my country, your country - whose light fades every day. Herrera Luque was always right: this is a country of crazy people. There is hunger in the streets and queues to spare in the markets, but just as cattle, Venezuelans do queues without raising their voices. Venezuelans cannot be compared to Cubans, say several people. I'm sorry to inform you that Venezuelans don't like the times of the Venezuela Saudita anymore. Here the syndrome of the frog in the pot happened: If a frog gets into a pot and the water is extremely hot, the frog will jump. But if the frog gets and the water is acceptable but being heated slowly, it will remain in it as the heat kills it without realizing it. Here castrocommunism was installed with dissimulation (and not that much).

Yesterday, Farmatodo - the largest chain of pharmacies in Venezuela - was seized by the government and its directive board was arrested for participating in the imagined "economic war". Now our tropical Stalin announced that it would include Farmatodo in the Food Mission; sort of failed government project to feed the poor. What does this mean? Farmatodo will probably become another bankrupt company of the government: one of hundreds of companies expropriated. Our state is a corporate monster, a corrupt sultan with odalisques stolen to other owners, who can not bear its own indigestion after devouring everything in its path. What do I think of this? That they will come soon for our businesses, our homes, our cars, our schools, our lives. We will live a tropical Dr. Zhivago, we will repeat those stories about nearby Cuba that once seem so far. 

I remember when, in the early 2000s, Venezuelans said that we should saw ourselves in the mirror of Cuba. Now Argentina, and even Spain with Podemos, has made us their Cuba. Argenzuela is a modern version of Cubazuela, only that in the newest one Venezuela is the oppressor and not the victim. How do our grandparents feel? They saw how we defeated the Cubans in the 60s, how Rómulo Betancourt told Fidel Castro that Venezuela did not need liberators - that Venezuela birthed them. Now we have been taken by them. Decades and a Cold War later.

And it goes beyond the cubanization. The new laws unconstitutionally approved (the constitution is a pretty little book that serves only for decoration) are just disturbing. They are totally Orwellian and neurotic. The death penalty is now legal; Whom will they kill now? And worse, the use of deadly weapons against protests has been authorized. ¿Democracy, Mr. President? No, that died fifteen years ago.

What remains for me to think? Darkness. Obsession-compulsion-phobia. Delirium. This can not be real. But it is. And my hopes for change are minimal, I no longer feel sure about escaping this disaster. The country has been devoured by misfortune. Venezuela is gone. Just barbarity.