The Devil's Fingerprint


I thought no further action of this pantomime would impress me until I heard the news: worthy of the classic totalitarian measures of the Cuban regime, the government of Venezuela has approved a new dystopian law. This new law makes the installation of a fingerprint machine to control the purchase of basic goods mandatory at all public or private supermarkets and pharmacies. With what excuse? To combat smuggling.

We can not deny it. In Venezuela there is smuggling: supermarket food is purchased and resold by peddlers on the street at really expensive prices. But does that means that the nearly thirty million Venezuelans living in the country are thieves smugglers? That the food shortage is the fault of the people? Obviously not, but apparently our government, the biggest thieves out there, see it that way. The reality is simple: the smuggling that the government fights is a fantasy, an empty air created to distract the masses. There's no food in the markets and people are being killed in the streets, but the problem is smuggling.

The fingerprint is not only mandatory but it must be also purchased by pharmacies and supermarkets with their own money, another sample of the government's attack to the private sector.

This new measure is a step for the installation of communism. It is simply a modern version of the Cuban rationalization notebook. Now we are just numbers, numbers controlled by an Orwellian machine.

The MUD (The main opposition coalition), following a long tradition of stupid "solutions" to a brutal regime, has asked us to bang pots (cacerolazo). I'm sorry to say this but doing noise, even as much as we can, will not change the opinion of a tyrant who murdered nearly forty people during the months of February and March. These opposition measures seem like a joke, a bad joke that has no idea of what he has in front: the installation of the Cuban rationing system. It is time for us Venezuelans to ask for respect. The only fingerprint I want to see soon is Maduro's in his renouncement letter.