When a Continent Turns its Back on You

Original post published on 3-22-14


Yesterday, oppression and despotism prevailed once again. During the last OAS meeting, the useless Organization of American States, the ethical state of Panama gave up its seat to Venezuelan opposition congresswoman Maria Corina Machado (Venezuela gave up its seat to the opposition of that country during its dictatorship a few decades ago). Unfortunately, 22 puppet and mediocre states voted for the meeting to be private, beating 11 states with moral and trampling Venezuelan sovereignty once again. 

The tragic news filled me with rage. Then, I watched a touching video of the protesting students. As something unusual to me, I exploded in tears. With goosebumps, I started to scream my frustration with the "15 Years of Slavery " of this government. "Damn! They destroyed my country," I shouted, “They took everything away. " Everything except hope.

40 years before the tyrant Comandante rise to power; the country ousted a military dictatorship. During the period 1958-1998, we were acclaimed and observed with admiration for our democracy not because it was exceptional, but because it was a rarity in the region. If there is something that the Fourth Republic did well, was supporting and funding governments and democratic movements across the continent. A continent that has forgotten it. 


A hypocritical continent that has also forgotten the oppression they lived and that now we live. Presidents, have you forgotten how you were trampled and tortured? Dilma, do you remember how you were electrocuted and hung from the ceiling naked? Remember Garrastazu Medici, Geisel, Figueiredo and Castelo Branco? Cristina, have you forgotten the military juntas treading on you? What about Videla, Galtieri? Guyana, did you forgot Burnham? Peoples of Central America, have you forgotten Somoza, civil wars and many other despots? Haiti, have you forgotten the Duvalier, Cedras and Magloire? Dominican Republic, do you remember Trujillo? Pepe, don’t you remember the oppression of Conrado Alvarez? Evo, what about Barrientos, Banzer Suárez and Tejada? What happened to the Spanish oppression of your people, the indigenous peoples? Correa, did you forget Velasco, Rodriguez Lara and Poveda Burbano?

In red, countries that voted for the session to be private. In blue, countries that voted for the session to be public. 

In red, countries that voted for the session to be private. In blue, countries that voted for the session to be public. 

Obviously they don’t remember. Money and filthy oil filled their mouths and brains and now they cannot think or talk. If Nicolas Maduro spilled oil in the ground right now, you would all come running to lick it. Don’t worry, you now rejoice in your sadism to see my country made into ashes. You rejoice in your resentment of the times when we were the role models, when we were your most tireless dreams. Don’t worry; everything is paid in this universe. The truth is one: Your indiscreet attempts to imitate Cuba, your pathetic little governments and all your shit is kept with the oil from my country. You make feel disgusted, disgusted and more disgusted. But still, I repeat, when this is over and the oil stop flowing to you, you’ll fall in batch.