Hello! My name is Antonio Frangie, although I don’t feel represented by my name because everyone calls me Tony since I was a fetus. I don’t have a second name (No one in my family has) and my Lebanese last name is a complete odyssey. No one has ever pronounced it right and they must practice until reaching its right pronunciation. If you managed to say it right the first time, you must feel proud because that’s a feat not many people can do.

I live in the tragicomedy (As my favorite blogger, Toto Aguerrevere, said once) per excellence: Santiago de León de Caracas, better known by its artistic name: Caracas. What caraqueño doesn’t have a love and hate relationship with Caracas? I love to live in this big circus called Venezuela where there are holes in the street to China and presidents that talk with reincarnations in the form of a bird from the other side.

I love to write, that’s why I’m doing a science fiction novel that I’m expecting to finish soon. I feel my left lobe is damaged and my right lobe is a mutation. The cultural death of my country gets me depressed and I love the period after the end of World War II to the end of disco (Yes, I watch Mad Men). I describe myself as a new age Catholic and I firmly believe in astrology (Happy Age of Aquarius!). I’m fascinated by history, psychology (Freudian and Jungian) and mythology. I’m against furs and whale hunting.

My favorite books are the novels of Dan Brown, His Dark Materials saga, Los Amos del Valle (The Masters of the Valley) and Wicked. Persepolis is a graphic novel, but in case it counts it’s also one of my favorites. I love art, architecture and pop culture with devotion. I have many favorite TV series, but definitely the winner is FRIENDS.


When I was in secondary school, I participated in my school’s poetry contest. I got the third place in the two contests made in two years. The first poem was about the myth of the Native American goddess Waraira Repano and the second one about jellyfishes in our atmosphere. Sadly, teachers prefer poems like “I want to be like my dad!” When I was 15, I participated in my school’s literature contest (Sadly, it hasn’t been repeated). I was in the five finalists, but I was eliminated because my story was religiously controversial and caused turbulences in the teacher’s lounge because they feared that the priests and brothers would get mad (I study at a Catholic school). I felt I was in the Middle Ages. Don’t worry, I just inverted a little bit the roles of the Genesis story.

In this blog, I want to write about everything I think about (essays and stories) or something I like in the great cyberspace. So don’t get impressed if this ends up looking like some Frida Kahlo nightmare. I hope you enjoy my blog, you become faithful followers and find unicorns in your house’s garden.

Best regards, Tony Frangie.